How to start moving? What to do?

We’ve talked about WHY why an exercise or physical activity is good for you before. HOW we can start moving? How to take baby steps? What kinds of things we can do to start? It’s important to ENJOY the PROCESS towards the ultimate goals with the WHY behind our choice to move more. It’s important to find the RIGHT exercises as we are all different. There is no such thing as a good or bad exercise.

I’ve enlisted a good friend’s help to answer this question. Wade, a senior physiotherapist (who had done 22,000+ treatments) and a Strength & Conditioning Coach, from Central Physio & Health – Physiotherapy & Exercise Centre in Surfers Paradise has shared his experiences with us.

There are always some exercises we can do. Just need to have proper assessment to design the right program for you! As convenient as the internet is, please don’t follow any without checking with a health professional who specialises in physical activities. 

We hope the other clients’ experience have inspired you to start moving your body when you can. Looking forward to hear the good news from you! Take great care of yourselves and truly enjoy your beautiful lives!

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