Ultimate Diabetes Care

EMPOWER YOU to take charge and COLLABORATE with your doctors to achieve the best Diabetes Management for YOU!

Home Medicines Reviews

You benefit from improved medicine knowledge and reassurance so you can manage your medicines better at the comfort of your home!

What's Happening?

VIP Healthy Living Programs and fundraising events are our commitments to the public! Together we can love life and be happy and healthy at the same time!

How to Improve?

Home Medicine Review with a Domiciliary Medication Management Referral from your GP. Discuss your concerns and manage ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS better at home! Together we can improve your health outcomes!

How to Manage?

YOU are in control and I'll empower you to take charge of your health and increase adherence to your diabetes treatments, including INSULINS. Together we can manage your diabetes!

What Else is There?

Case conference with your doctors and allied health professionals. Fully funded INSULIN support programs to maximise INSULIN therapy! Together we can control your diabetes!

Health Information

  • Generous Sepoima shares her experiences with diabetes

    So proud of Sepoima’s achievements in making excellent progress with her diabetes management! She is a very generous person who shares her experiences in this video. We hope her transformation can inspire other people with diabetes to look after themselves […]

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  • VIP Real Life Hero

    Pilita, thank you so much for allowing me to share your diabetes journey. It will inspire other people with diabetes. Pilita has maintained weight reduction of 25 kg over 12 months and achieved excellent diabetes management. Her overall health has […]

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  • Probiotics and diabetes in pregnancy trial

    Currently there is a clinical research studying the effects of probiotics on gestational diabetes at Mater Mothers’ Hospital and Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, building on international research suggesting pregnant women who take probiotics, i.e. live beneficial micro-organisms, are less likely […]

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