Diabetes Management

EMPOWER YOU to take charge to achieve the best diabetes care with a Credentialled Diabetes Educator and Consultant Pharmacist.

Home Medicines Reviews

You benefit from better understanding of your medicine so you can manage them well at the comfort of your home with a Consultant Pharmacist!


What's Happening?

VIP Wellness Programs for communities, organisations, companies to support you to find the solutions to live well. We are all UNIQUE so let’s work together to find out what works for you. You are the creator of your life experience so you decide how to enjoy your life!

How to Improve?

Home Medicine Review with a Domiciliary Medication Management Referral from your GP. Discuss your concerns and manage ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS better at home! Together we can improve your health outcomes!

How to Manage?

YOU are in charge and I'll empower you to take charge of your health and increase adherence to your diabetes treatments, including insulins. Together we can manage your diabetes so you can live well with diabetes!

What Else is There?

Healthy weight management plans to achieve your goals in life. Case conference with your doctors and allied health professionals. Fully funded insulin support programs to maximise your diabetes self-management.

Health Information