How to lower the glycaemic index ( GI ) of your meals?

Another common question patients ask me is how to lower the GI in a meal. I teach patients to use lemon juice or vinegar as a dressing in the meal when possible, provided they don’t have any gastrointestinal tract issues or they know that lemon juice or vinegar don’t cause any irritation in their body. If you have any gastrointestinal tract issues, please speak with an accredited practising dietitian.

Adding fibre, especially soluble fibre, also lowers the GI of food. For example, eating more salad vegetables instead of starchy vegetables or adding lentils to soup.

Cooling the cooked rice then eating it cold, however, sometimes the texture isn’t as nice as freshly cooked.

Last but not the least, adding protein to the meal. For example, fish, lean meat, egg or tofu (an excellent source of protein for vegans) are all good choices.