Stress Reduction Techniques & Post-Traumatic Growth

We often take things for granted until we’ve lost them. The nurses and I were so excited to pass the TOV (trial of void) in the hospital several days after the surgery. Rehabilitation was very difficult physically and psychologically. I’ve learnt to SLOW DOWN and LISTEN to my body. I’ve reassessed my life and found EQUANIMITY. I have evolved as a human BEING (instead of doing) using body-mind modalities daily.

I guide and teach patients how to embrace who you are and know it isn’t defined by any event. Regardless of the successes and failures, you are a human being doing the best you can with what you know.

I’m so grateful for the opportunities to support patients to reduce stress and weight, emotional eating, food craving, sugar addiction as well as improving wellbeing and designing a meaningful life with fulfilment as a coach and health professional.