Medication Management (HMR)

Want to manage your medicines at the comfort of your home?

You can utilise my service as an accredited consultant pharmacist who specialises in conducting Home Medicines Reviews, a free service for all Medicare or DVA holders.

The languages you can use are English and Mandarin.

  • Discuss your concerns about your medications
  • Ensure the safe use of medications, including complementary and  over-the-counter medicines.
  • Assist you in understanding how your medications work
  • Advise you on the potential adverse effects so you know what to look out for
  • Demonstrate correct use of medical devices, eg, blood glucose monitors and inhalers
  • Help remove any medicines that are expired or no longer taken
  • Provide lifestyle advice

If there is any significant change in your condition or medicines, you may benefit from another HMR. Please discuss with your GP or treating specialists.