Fran and I love to INSPIRE anyone who struggles with weight to START LIVING again. 

Fran has proved that you can ACHIEVE anything once you align with your true VALUES  regardless of your age. You are never too old to CHANGE. You can do things that make your heart sing. This is how Fran found her way back into love of art. I’ve taught her that “I can only be myself as there is only one of me in the world”. Don’t hide yourself from the world. You are here for a reason. 

I’ve encouraged her to restart painting that Fran stopped 30 years ago because Fran was devoting her time to her family. Fran put everyone’s needs above her own and looked after others well while neglecting her own needs.

To prioritise herself is easier said than done. It’s like pulling the hen’s teeth. Trust me, it’s not easy to start because Fran feels it’s selfish, just like many others have told me. However, Fran and I persisted and it’s very rewarding to see the results when Fran finally starts to prioritise herself. She started eating well, walking her dog, painting and now joining the gym for structured exercise classes. 

Fran and I have worked tirelessly on changing her MINDSET to bring the unconscious conscious so we can dissolve emotional eating. Fran is now conscious and fully appreciates the food she’s eating. We let go of dieting, often with starvation or feeling deprived of what she can’t have, which made her want them even more. We had honest discussions and agreed on the plans for different situations. Yes, I gave her ideas for what to do during different days so she’s prepared for whatever comes her way. 

This changes her relationship with food. Fran is very grateful for the food we are lucky enough to get in Australia. There is no more fear. There is nothing you can’t eat. It’s how and why you eat it in the first place. 

Once Fran figures it out, she doesn’t even have to think. Fran’s body tells her what she loves and Fran nourishes her body and mind at the same time instead of fearing the “bad” or “unhealthy” food. This is why she’s still eating a piece of cake or ice cream to enjoy the food and companions she’s with. 

Fran and I have worked on neutralising the shame, blame and judgement she has. I’ve shown her there is no need to remove the so-called “dark or bad parts” of Fran. Just like a magnet we’ll have both so-called “positives” and “negatives”. It’s inseparable. It’s wiser to embrace the perfect imperfection. 

We also work on removing long term self-criticism and the labelling from wanting to be perfect. I’ve taught Fran to practise gratitude instead so she can come off the vicious cycle of emotional eating and feeling guilty after eating. When we are grateful, we are able to see life as it is and love ourselves and others as they are.

Finally Fran can EMBRACE her MAGNIFICENCE and treat herself as a GENIUS as a human being enjoying her life on earth. Fran has stopped being a human trying to beat herself up after receiving  well-meaning or unsolicited “advice”. I’ve taught her how to give herself permission to be imperfect and to let go of old ideas that no longer serve her. We did it with lots of encouragement, empowerment and engagement (my genius) as Fran has mentioned with the friendly reminders and monitoring. 

Many elderly patients/clients often mention they are too old to change. Some even said “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I’ve met many real old dogs and I think they are very smart and they do learn new tricks. So it’s disrespectful to the real old dogs when we say that. 

I have done a lot of Home Medication Reviews with elderly patients. I love listening to their amazing lives and I often learn something. Many actually do well in “old age”. From my observation, age is only a number, it can’t stop you from changing. So, what’s your excuse for not changing? If you are unwilling to change, then when? What’s it going to cost you if you keep doing the same thing and expect a different result? 

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve and to be rewarded with this beautiful PURPLE lotus from Fran – the perfect flower to describe the path Fran and I have taken together! Declutter mental mess and come ALIVE again. 

Our message to you: it’s wiser to VALUE your health & practice GRATITUDE.  STOP beating yourself up or labelling yourself with unkind words. Weight management is more than just eating less and exercising more. The human body is smarter than we think. Ultimately you choose how you live your life and just do what makes your heart sing.

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