Top Secret Tips: Food Diary & Excellent Diabetes Management

Many patients want “secret weapons” to improve diabetes. Food diary was one such for Ralph at the beginning. It enables him to ENJOY eating food fully. There is no fear or cutting food out. It shines the light on WHEN and HOW he eats, not just what types of food. The timing and how he feels at the time of eating makes a huge difference. He was surprised to find that as he’s been told to avoid certain foods. Now he has learnt to fit diabetes into his life and becomes the master of his life!

Ralph only did a few weeks of food diary along with his daily activities. We figured out what his body liked or disliked and made tiny changes each time. Ralph has learnt to LISTEN to his body and received the ultimate reward of feeling over the moon with excellent health, both physically and psychologically.

Diabetes is relentless! It’s not easy to live with diabetes. Food diary has helped Ralph and other patients to accept diabetes and take actions to master his diabetes management. Ralph is in charge of his life, diabetes no longer controls him. Give the food diary a go and see what you discover about yourself!

Viv Hsu
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