How being kind, be grateful and be forgiving can help with weight?

99% of my weight management clients and patients are so self-critical that they beat themselves up most of the time and wonder why they are still “fat” or “disgusting” even though no one else is saying it.

“You wouldn’t say it to your boss or best friends, would you? Then why do you say it to yourself?” is what I have said and many people have agreed with me that it doesn’t work but they just can’t help it! For some people that was their motivation? Really?

Why not try my method? All my clients and patients can attest that I’ve always said that “Your body is the best physician” and I’ve always asked everyone to be grateful to their body and to forgive themselves in order to move towards the healthier weight.

When people are grateful for what we do, we are happy and we do more of what people are grateful for. I certainly go extra miles when I’ve been told that they really appreciate my extra care. The same thing applies to our body. When we appreciate it, it works even harder to keep us well.

At the same time, I’ve always asked my clients and patients to forgive themselves for beating themselves up as they are just doing what they know even though nothing good comes after doing it. Why do people do that? I don’t know the answers to be honest. However I do know all the clients who have achieved good results and most importantly, stay on the healthy weight without regaining the weight they have “lost” are the ones who have learnt to be grateful to their body and who have forgiven themselves. That’s why I’ve always said to the referring doctors that the miracles are within the clients and patients. I just help them to see the miracle in themselves. I invite you to take up my challenge to be KIND to yourself, be GRATEFUL to your body and FORGIVE yourself to move towards a HAPPIER and HEALTHIER YOU for LIFE.

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