Want to ENJOY your exercise? Tips on WHY and HOW to START

Most of us have heard or known how good exercises (or physical activities) are! However, many patients with diabetes and weight loss management clients have found it challenging to start moving. Unfortunately exercise has become a dirty word as it’s often associated with “no pain, no gain”. In fact, exercises have been proven to improve our mood and may help with depression and give us more pain relief! 

I invite you to stop believing the “no pain, no gain”.  I’m here to bust that myth with the help of Wade, a senior physiotherapist (who had done 22,000+ treatments) and a Strength & Conditioning Coach, from Central Physio & Health – Physiotherapy & Exercise Centre in Surfers Paradise. We’ve discussed the benefits of exercise and Wade has kindly offered some tips on how to start enjoying your exercise! He’s even shared his clients’ success to inspire you to start moving more! Your body deserve it!

Many patients and weight loss clients have expressed their frustration of having paid for expensive gym memberships (up to $1000 per year) but never used it. Some even bought a full set of home gym equipment but never touched it. There are tons of amusing reasons why exercises can’t be started. Some don’t have time (yet plenty of time to watch TV or surf on the internet) Some have sore knees or hips or joints or many more parts, you name it. Some are waiting for the “right time” such as the New Year. Some are waiting for “motivation”. What are your reasons if you are not already doing some forms of physical activities? Ask yourself, why not??

I’ve observed many thousands of patients with chronic disease over the years as a clinical consultant pharmacist working in hospital and community pharmacies and now as a diabetes educator and weight loss consultant in medical centres. The one common thing that has helped them to feel better (even if they are in a wheelchair) is to move their body  if they are able to.  One lady has reduced 2 dress sizes by moving her arms around in her wheelchair!

I’ve been lucky enough to witness many so-called “miracles” resulted from simply moving the body more. Just ask any of my patients with diabetes or chronic diseases or weight loss clients, I’ve always recommended a 5 minute start daily (eg, gardening and talking to the plants) and then do whatever they can and will do, at their own pace and time! I’ve also suggested that they keep a track of their exercise (or physical activity) progress but NO WEIGHING on the scale! Let’s focus on one thing at a time!

Wade and Marc from Surfers Renaissance Chempro Chemist and I have started a community walking group in 2017 in Surfers Paradise on Wednesdays, starting 6:15am, to enjoy the beautiful walk along Gold Coast beach. We invite you to join us on Wednesdays and meet other like minded people to start a healthier life!


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