VIP Living Well with Diabetes Health Event on Gold Coast

VIP FlyerToday is World Health Day, 7th April, with the goal to step up prevention and treatment of diabetes! If there’s one thing you do this year to look after your health, come along to a vibrant community health event designed for you right here on Gold Coast! Here’s why we are holding this event: did you know the number of people living with diabetes can make diabetes the 3rd largest country in the world? The population has almost quadrupled since 1980 to 422 million adults in 2015! Why? With all the advance in medicine and technology, you would expect the numbers to go down instead of quadrupled! There are more information and there are more choices in lifestyle than 1980!

From my clinical practice, I know most people really want to improve their health. However with demands and commitments to their work and family, their health concerns usually take the back seat and do not get the focus they deserve. We are here to ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER to ENGAGE everyone in their health management! That’s why I’ve designed this program to provide a VIBRANT and ENCOURAGING environment where people can enjoy learning about diabetes and be inspired to take SIMPLE steps toward better health!

Lifestyle modification is SIMPLE to do and yet easy not to do! This first event will focus on how to eat well and 10-minute workout that you can easily do every DAY! Please help me to raise the awareness of diabetes and the possible prevention and management of diabetes. Why not make Gold Coast the first city with focus on public health, especially in diabetes? Wouldn’t that be nice to be the world first? What do you think?

We are very lucky to have Renata Basile, a Credentialled Diabetes Educator who is also an Accredited Practising Dietitian, to give us ideas on embracing beautiful food and looking after our health at the same time. We also have a personal trainer who will show us an simple 10-minute workout that we can do!

I’m very grateful to have received great advice and support from Dr Mark Forbes (Clinical Director and Staff Specialist  |  Diagnostics, Emergency and Medical Services
Gold Coast Health) 
and Dr Kevin Lee (an Endocrinologist and a Nuclear Medicine physician in Brisbane)


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