Tracie’s Journey with Type 1 diabetes

My name is Tracie. I’m 48 years old. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in May 2017. When I went back for my blood test results I was determined that I would celebrate with a packet of M&M’s when my GP told me that I was in the clear. Well I never did get those bloody M&M’s because the news was not good. I was a diabetic! Once the shock and denial wore off, it
was like a switch turned on inside me and from that moment on I changed my life and diet dramatically and lost 16kgs with the help of a dietitian, an educator {Not Viv, she comes along later} and my GP and got my BGL’s under control. I had to get the hang of it pretty quickly because my life literally depended it. I had no clue about this disease or what it did! Scary! I was determined that I WOULD NOT go on medication until I was at least 80 or 90. Fast forward to about 4 months ago when stress found it’s way
into my life that was out of my control. My BGL’s went higher than ever! I went to my GP who put me on metformin that made me sick and feel terrible. We changed to another medication, but nothing was bringing them down. Baffled she sent me to the wonderful Dr Richa who told me that in her opinion I was type 1. I thought BS lady you don’t know what you’re talking about! I told my hubby that if I did have type 1, then my life would be over and that it’s a death sentence and I would understand if he wanted to find someone else who wasn’t “broken” He has been the most wonderful supportive person in my life. He still doesn’t understand a lot about it, but he’s trying. I had the blood tests and finally the results came in that yes I was type 1. I’m never lost for words, but I was that day! I honestly thought that my life was over and I would die earlier as a result. I rallied my family around me and my sister in law told me to pull my head in { We’re a family of straight talkers} and that I have managed what we thought was type 2 for
nearly 2 years just fine and that I will be able to manage this one too. Once I calmed down I realised that she’s right. I got this! And you know what? I do! After seeing Dr Richa she referred me to Viv. I was very nervous going to see her at first, but she’s the sort of lady that you’re at ease with straight away. She is caring, kind, funny and warm. She has a way of making something that seems VERY scary, easy peasy. I was worried about the injection side of things, but now I’m a pro thanks to her. She has encouraged me all the way and I would be lost without her. My advice to you all is to NOT take this wonderful life for granted and to be grateful for who we are, what we have and that we all woke up this morning. As the
saying goes I may have diabetes, BUT diabetes does NOT have me! Have a wonderful day. :)

Viv Hsu
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