• Successful first meeting of VIP Diabetes Support Group in Gold Coast

    “You have a life first before you have diabetes! Diabetes doesn’t have you. So let’s fit diabetes into your life with health and harmony!” is my message to anyone who is living with diabetes. I created this Diabetes Support Group as the platform where people with diabetes can feel comfortable sharing their journey with confidence and without judgement from themselves or others. The goal of this Diabetes Support Group is to share some simple steps towards taking the right actions to give you a healthier and more energetic lifestyle. I encourage everyone with diabetes to work with their diabetes professional teams to manage diabetes and live the best life!

    It’s very rewarding to have positive feedback from people who attended the first VIP Diabetes Support Group meeting on Wednesday 13th March 2019. We’ve received many amazing ideas for future meetings and we are already planning what to do next according to the feedback we’ve received. We’ve been fortunate to receive sponsorship from Lifesmart to help us start the group. Deb from Lifesmart has also generously offered free blood glucose metres to people who need them at the meeting.

    Diabetes QLD has also kindly given us some magazines, which are usually only available to their members, to help the attendees find their health and harmony living with diabetes.

    I’ve been very lucky to have Hanny and Jade, fellow Credentialled Diabetes Educators, who have kindly donated their evening after working all day, to help answer general questions. I’m grateful for my good friend, Wade of from Central Physio and Health, who gave us a wonderful session on exercises using his experiences as a Senior Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Work Health & Safety Consultant. Most importantly, we have 3 amazing people sharing their journey with diabetes. We’ve been given permission to share their talks in the upcoming posts.

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    Viv Hsu

    Director at VIP Diabetes
    ♥ Credentialled Diabetes Educator
    ♥ Accredited Consultant Pharmacist
    ♥ Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy
    ♥ Medication Management Review Accreditation
    ♥ Post-graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management
    ♥ Diploma in Nutrition Coaching and Certificate IV Weight Management
    ♥ Health and Harmony Public Speaker
    Viv Hsu
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