Barriers and Benefits of Exercise by physiotherapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Work Health and Safety Consultant by Wade

My good friend, Wade from Central Physio & Health, has done a great discussion with everyone at VIP Diabetes Support Group on the barriers and benefits of exercise. I’ve invited him to talk with the group because he’s a a very passionate and experienced physiotherapist with additional qualifications as strength & conditioning coach and work health & safety consultant. He’s already done a video for us in the past discussing how to start doing some exercise. His advice “Something is better than nothing.”

Exercise, or physical activity, is good for all of us. I’m sure that most of us know that but few of us doing it regularly enough to get the benefits of exercises. What are the barriers? I know what mine are, how about you? Take some time to talk with yourself and be honest with yourself. Ultimately this is helping yourself moving towards a healthier life. So, go on take 5 minutes think about it. Be honest with yourself. What are your excuses? Why aren’t you doing some physical activities?

We prefer to focus on what patients can do so Wade talked about the benefits of exercises. It’s better that we are doing something than doing nothing. He has demonstrated some basic stretches most of us can do and emphasised the importance of having a proper assessment first by your health professionals who can design a personalised physical activity plans for you. Wade advised to stop if you experience PAIN with any movement. Always check with your health professional. Let go of the notion of “no pain, no gain”. Doing too much or too little won’t add health so let your health professional help you find your just right in physical activities. Thank you very much, Wade, for such an engaging discussion with everyone!

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