Obesity: Barriers & Opportunities to improve Quality of Life

Obesity summit photo 1.1Obesity needs to be treated with respect and understanding! It’s a lot more than just diet and physical activities! Many of my patients have followed the instructions from their doctors, dietitians and/or exercise physiologists to the letter and tried their hardest to lose the extra weight with limited success. I was chosen to present my experience on 2nd June in the Gold Coast Obesity Summit organised by Gold Coast Public Health Unit. Fortunately I’ve also learnt much from the other representatives who are also very passionate about helping people solve the obesity issue.

Many of my patients have kindly shared their barriers with me for the presentation. One patient expressed her dismay that she’s tried various diets, weight loss programs and exercise regimes for the last 20 years! I’ve also received many supportive emails after the summit from like-minded people who resonate with my thoughts on how we can help the patients. I love and appreciate the chance to collaborate with specialists, general practitioners, allied health professionals and other professionals to help patients improve their health and regain a better quality of life!

Planning to do a community health event for the Gold Coast residents. Seeking your thoughts on the barriers and opportunities to improve quality of life from your perspective! What would you like to see in the event? How can we help? What other topics interest you?

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