What Else is There?

I always collaborate with your doctors and other allied health professionals to provide the best health managements for YOU. Case conference in your GP’s clinic can enable all of us to communicate, cooperate and work as a team utilizing our expertise to come up with an individualised plan for you. Depending on the complexity of your conditions, it can be done under various length of time. Your doctors will decide what the most suitable time length is for your conditions. This is funded by Medicare and at no cost to you.

Need help with insulins? I can provide additional assistance to help you start your insulins well through fully funded insulin support programs at no cost to you. I will show you how to administer insulins and how to rotate the injection sites. I will provide you with additional written or verbal information on your insulin therapy. We will go through what to do if you experienced low sugar level (hypoglycaemia) or high sugar level (hyperglycaemia) and what to do when you are unwell (Sick Day Management). As always, I collaborate with your doctors to ensure you have the best possible health outcomes from your insulin therapy!