VIP Heroes

These are UNEDITED one-take videos from everyday Australian (from different cultural backgrounds) BRAVELY share their tears, vulnerability,  frustration, denial, “aha” moments and helpful tips!

The stories are unedited and we hope to inspire you with VIP heroes’ success through their past experiences and current achievements.

They don’t need any judgements. Actually, no one needs any judgements from anyone else or themselves! BE KIND to yourself and others!

Making progress is more important than anything else! Pick yourself up and keep going towards what you know is the best thing for your body! Work with your doctors and health professionals.

Ask if you are unsure. There are no silly questions! It’s our job to help you understand so ask away! Most of all, know only you have the power to change for yourself! All my patients will tell you that’s our discussion in each consultation!

We INVITE you to join us in giving people with diabetes ENCOURAGEMENT and EMPOWERMENT to help them ENGAGE in their diabetes management.