Vietnam veteran’s amazing victory over complex medical conditions: Just change it little bits at a time

Ken has shared his amazing victory and journey with long list of very complex medical conditions with us during the first VIP Diabetes Support Group meeting. When he was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he thought “this is great this is really the end that there can’t be much more for me to catch” as he’s already seeing many specialists. Ken has given me the permission to share his story with the wider audience on the web and hope to inspire others to look after themselves and know that you can do it!

“As for most young men my age we all smoked up a storm, ate all the bad food and drank almost any alcohol we could get our hands on because that’s how it was and we are bullet proof at that age, 20’s, 30’s,and into your 40’s. The latter the 40’s being where a few problems start to appear but we are still bullet proof according to our brains, as in “It won’t happen to me”. In 2013, I lost about 5 or 6 kilograms which took me down to about 98 kgs still obese according to the BMI. Any way I was still eating too much and drinking too many beers and thought I was a fairly healthy specimen.

In 2017, I was sent off to see Vivien and we talked about Diabetes and ways to cope with diabetes and some of the bad habits which contribute to diabetes. I listened and thought to myself I don’t need this I’m tough I can beat it by myself. This was not a good thought, so Vivien talked some more about test results from daily blood tests food changes as in alternatives, exercise and all the other healthy stuff to curb the diabetes.

Still in my mind I figured it will go away by itself so Vivien in her way gave me choices explaining substitutes for bad food always suggesting better alternatives in food drink and exercise. So I eventually listened to Vivien and exercised a little more and slowly made a lot of little changes to my food intake mainly portion control.

I didn’t understand that is where the problems begin too much of the wrong food rather than a little. I thought I was going to starve to death and couldn’t understand how I was going to cope with less food, I later found that this is a mind set by the brain, you will not starve as I found out.

So with Vivien’s help and listening to all her strategies and diet tips even drinking water (YUK) I have normal sugar readings 99% of the time just by following her advice. You don’t have to change everything at once just a little by little approach and a little more exercise you will lose the weight and possibly control or keep Diabetes at bay.

It is up to you and all the advice I have had along the way has helped me I don’t even get the sugar low’s any more. For the record I now only weigh 82.5 Kgs. Thanks Vivien for all your wisdom along my travels to a thinner healthier me.”

Viv Hsu
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