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I still remember Dr Mark Forbes’ lectures during which he encouraged healthcare professionals to put more effort into finding and managing Pre-Diabetes! Ever since the lectures, I have focused on potential candidates at work and advised them to see their GPs. Some have come back and told me that they have been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes and are grateful that I follow Dr Mark Forbes’ advice from the lectures! I have obtained Dr Mark Forbes’ permission to quote him. He is the Clinical Director of Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service. He is also an endocrinologist in Gold Coast University Hospital.

My friend, Pamela, has kindly offered to write her experience to share with you. Her current GP diagnosed her with pre-diabetes.  She does have a family history of type 2 diabetes so her risk of developing type 2 diabetes is greater. I’m very proud of her that she has done an excellent job controlling her pre-diabetes by eating healthier and increasing physical activity so she does not require any medication to treat her pre-diabetes. She is in the process of acquiring a special desk so she can stand while she does her daily computer work since “sitting is the new smoking”. Thank you, Pamela!

I am a 70 year old female ,still working. The meds I take are 40/12.5 Micardis Plus x 1 each morning and 5mg of Crestor x 1 each evening .  My GP of about 30 years told me that my blood test results showed  my sugar was elevated.

He told me to try and lose some weight. He has since retired so I went to a new GP. When he saw my results of the print out I had taken with me he
ordered a 2 hour blood Glucose test which came back that I was Pre Diabetic.

The only history of diabetes in my family is one of my father’s brothers who is now deceased. Out of a family of 10 Children he was the only one with

My daily activities are Walk 50-60 minutes usually at around 6.30am 5 days a week, plus general housework 2 hours daily. I do have a current Gym membership which I have suspended due to a very busy work schedule ,but aim to get back after Easter. My job is mainly Computer work for around 6 hours a day. My health is pretty good generally.

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