National Diabetes Week 2018 @ 50th year of Diabetes Queensland

There are more than 100,000 Queenslanders who have type 2 diabetes but they don’t know it. I’m inviting you to join me to increase the awareness of all  types of diabetes during National Diabetes Week, July 8th to 14th 2018!

Did you know that Type 1 diabetes can be fetal if not diagnosed in time? Oh ya,  2 of my patients with type 1 diabetes almost lost their lives in the medical emergency of diabetic ketoacidosis. The fear of losing your loved ones without knowing what’s going on!

Their families certainly don’t want anyone else to live through the horrible experiences they’ve gone through! Thank goodness for the advance in medicine and excellent medical teams, they are now thriving with diabetes after the biggest scare in their lives!

Did you know Type 2 diabetes can do serious damage if not diagnosed early? “Don’t think so” is a very common answer. Guess what? I’ve seen many patients who come to me after having their heart attacks before they were told they have type 2 diabetes.

We definitely can help others to prevent or delay or have a timely type 2 diabetes diagnosis with greater public awareness! Please help us to share these message with people you know whom you think may be at risk of having type 2 diabetes.

Do you know anyone who has more toilet breaks than others? Anyone who seems very thirsty all the time? Nothing seems to quench their thirst? Anyone who is losing weight without trying? Don’t envy them! Help them instead!

Anyone who is constantly tired and sometimes can be very irritable? If that is you, please see your doctor as soon as possible. If you know anyone with the above symptoms,  you are doing them a favour by sending them to their doctors! There’s your good deed for the day!

The good news is that we can prevent serious complications, such as heart disease, kidney failures, blindness or limb amputations if type 2 diabetes is diagnosed early in 60% of patients! This will save Australia a lot of money in the long run, not to mention happier and healthier Australians!

Also a big thank you to Diabetes Queensland for helping Queenslanders (this is the 50th year) and all Australians as Diabetes Queensland’s advocacy through Diabetes Australia has successfully removed HbA1c of 9% from the National Transport Commission (NTC) guidelines in 2016! Thank you, Diabetes Queensland!


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