Life-work harmony from making a Health Investment

Life-work harmony is my bonus offer to my patients when they start to  invest in their health. After witnessing the amazing returns in my patients, I’ve kept empowering others to make their EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and PHYSICAL HEALTH A PRIORITY in life!  I’ve enjoyed using holistic approach in health management as I find a combination of mind, body and soul works best together! It definitely helps you to feel great in the long run! It may also give you more freedom and wealth when your body is able to take action and perform what your brilliant mind can dream up. Peace of mind becomes a piece of cake! 

Many of my patients are savvy financial investors yet they find my invitation to do “health investment” an intriguing proposal. I’m surprised that they don’t see the return in their own health investment. Some have told me it’s due to lack of immediate financial benefits, but isn’t it the case with all long term investment? How about their life-work harmony? Yes, I call it Life-Work Harmony instead of work- life balance because I’ve never seen anyone who has found the “balance”. We work to live, not live to work, so I prefer to focus on life. I’m very lucky to do what I love as a Clinical Consultant Pharmacist, Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Weight Management Consultant and Nutrition Coach. I have excellent returns from investing my time, energy and efforts to make sure my patients are receiving the best care possible! I’ve found my calling as a holistic healthcare professional and lucky enough to utilise what I’ve learnt in life!

Most patients have found my life-work harmony of Eastern Philosophy, Buddhist and self-compassion meditations, Traditional Chinese Medicine, lots of hugs and change their habits, have worked really well for them too, regardless of the cultural background. Here’s Lee’s story on finding his harmony after his health investment! We’ve achieved all his goals and maintained his health returns! Enjoy! 

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