From denial to live in harmony with diabetes (Wilma’s journey)

Do you have diabetes? Are you overwhelmed with the advice you have been given? Are you angry with the “gene” that makes you more prone to diabetes? Are you frustrated that you’ve done everything and are still told it’s not good enough? Are you beating yourself up when your blood glucose levels are high?

Wilma has been through the anger and the denial. She has finally accepted diabetes and the professional support. Most people want to feel better but they just don’t know how to because they are overwhelmed with the information they have been given. Some may be confused. Many want to know “why me”. Some just blame on the gene.

I’ve always asked my patients to “BE KIND  to yourself” and start looking after themselves after they have come to terms with diabetes. Patients need encouragement and empowerment to engage in their diabetes management as well as their lives. My job is to help them to figure out what they can do to live in harmony with diabetes.


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