VIP HEROES: No more judgements for people with diabetes (Janet)

Welcome to VIP HEROES where real life heroes bravely share their diabetes stories with you. This is our second project between my patients and myself. Our first project was the little book called “Build Your CONFIDENCE to live well with DIABETES” on Amazon.

Janet has run a diabetes support group for 5 years in Gold Coast. She has kindly shared her type 1 diabetes experience. She has offered some brilliant ideas to lighten the load diabetes can have in anyone’s life. She understands the challenges people with type 1 diabetes face daily and has shared some tips on how to overcome some of them.

One thing that bothered her a lot in the past was the judgements she had received constantly from health professionals and “well-meaning” people. I’ve encouraged her to speak up if she ever receives any judgement from anyone else. I’ve also encouraged her to be very kind to herself and not to judge herself if the blood glucose levels were not ideal. Just ask anyone with type 1 diabetes, it’s not that easy. The numbers are telling us something but it’s not how “good or bad” a patient is. It’s what to do with the numbers and work with the health professionals to figure out how we can make you feel better.

We love to enlighten people with diabetes to live well. We love to help you enjoy life. We know you are worthy of a great life! So join us in encouraging others to have a wonderful life. We love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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