Small habits lead to big success (holistic weight management with no diet)

Many patients have agreed with me that weight management is more than just “eat less and exercise more”! Please, stop the nonsense of “no pain, no gain”. You can enjoy the journey! Weight management needs a holistic approach of mind, body and soul. I’ve been a clinical consultant pharmacist for 20 years so I know how powerful Western medications are. However, I’ve learnt from my patients that medications alone don’t fix everything.

“When you enjoy yourself, it doesn’t feel like a task anymore!” ” I didn’t believe that it can be this easy” This is Peter’s brave journey on overcoming his 13 years weight struggles. Peter’s personal and professional life has thrived as he has made progress towards his SMART goals. NO more dieting as he’s tried all kinds of diets in the past with very little success. If anything, dieting made him more frustrated instead of achieving his dreams.

We worked together on changing his eating habits, one step at a time! I’ve encouraged and empowered him to believe in his own ability first! We’ve gradually made healthy eating a routine for him then it just becomes automatic! He doesn’t even think about it. He also gets to have food-cheat days with friends! Win-Win for everyone involved!

Patients have always benefited from learning how to do proper MEAL PLANS using NUTRITION DENSE FOOD from a nutrition and food coach (aka, me) since I practice using food as medicine with my Chinese Medicine background. I never like the word “diet” as it seems to “die” in “trying” from reflections of working with overweight or obese patients in my clinical practice. Why not join Peter to build a new relationship with our body and food? Enjoy the process and it’s not a task anymore! It’s that easy!

Some patients also love learning self-compassion or mindfulness or Buddhist meditations to calm their nerves and find JOY in their lives! I’ve always provided a judgement free zone for all patients so they can help me to help them! Mind you, not all patients like the “soft” approach I use. 1% has told me off for being “soft” and “too friendly”. However, 99% patients do encourage me to keep helping others change their habits! They believed in my ability to help others find  their harmony in mindful eating with self-compassion! Another bonus is this holistic approach also builds self- confidence to find JOY in life! What are you waiting for? Join US today!

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