• Ken, Navy Veteran, Team Leader for Diabetes Support Group

    We are excited to announce there will be a VIP Diabetes Support Group in Southport, Gold Coast, after Chinese New Year. Here is one of our volunteer team leaders, Ken, a Navy Veteran, who has achieved amazing results against all odds. He’s feeling 150% in comparison to how he was 2 years ago! He went from not knowing the different types of diabetes to maintain his blood glucose levels between 5 to 7 mmol/L at all times with plenty of energy without relying on anything else.

    Ken wants to share with anyone who loves alcohol how you can still enjoy life and manage your health! Ken talks about riding his push bike and how exercises can help you feel better when bad mood visits you.

    Ken talks about how “men food” can be improved and how you can choose what you do with the advice you have received from your health professionals. Ultimately, it’s your health and your life so take back your control! We encourage you to bravely embark the journey of being who you really want to be and doing what you love to do with people you love!

    VIP Diabetes Support Group is a community where you receive emotional support, encouragement and empowerment to engage in your diabetes management!

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    Viv Hsu

    Director at VIP Diabetes
    ♥ Credentialled Diabetes Educator
    ♥ Accredited Consultant Pharmacist
    ♥ Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy
    ♥ Medication Management Review Accreditation
    ♥ Post-graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management
    ♥ Diploma in Nutrition Coaching and Certificate IV Weight Management
    ♥ Health and Harmony Public Speaker
    Viv Hsu
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