• How I lost 12 kg in 15 weeks and better diabetes by Keith

    This is another inspiring story after hearing Ken’s victory over his complex medical conditions. Keith has managed 12 kg weight loss in 15 weeks with quitting all forms of man-made sweets, avoiding eating snacks when he’s not hungry, reducing portion sizes and taking his medicines.

    I’ve always asked my patients to keep a full diary of food, exercise and emotional status for review so I can make suggestions since everyone is different and we need personalised plans. Keith is one of my top 5% patients who have kept a very detailed diary so I was able to discuss potential changes with him.

    Keith was also very honest about what he likes and what he dislikes, hence what he’ll do and what he won’t do. After long discussions, we’ve agreed on many aspects of diabetes self-management and he’s promised me that he’ll do them. I’ve also made suggestions to his doctor about changing some of his medications and his doctor agreed so off we went with the new changes which worked well with Keith’s great efforts.

    I’m proud to say that Keith has followed the plans I’ve given him with eating smaller portion and low GI choices, reading labels when shopping and taking his medications as prescribed. I’ve noticed that not taking medications as prescribed is a very common problem when I do HOME MEDICATION REVIEWS and it’s also been reported in many researches.

    He also stopped eating snacks when he’s not hungry and go for a little walk instead. If he’s really hungry, he knows what kind of healthy snacks to eat rather than grabbing what’s available in front of him. He’s successfully quit sugar that’s not in the natural form, thus he’s still eating vegetables and fruits with natural sugar in them. He has quit diet drinks and chosen to drink mineral water instead.

    He has regained more energy and can do things he was unable to do in the past. Life has just become brighter and lighter. I’ve been very honoured to participate in Keith’s successful diabetes management. Keep up the great work, Keith. Thank you for showing us all can be done once you’ve set your mind up to do it, especially quitting sugar and snack!

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